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  • 9 Reclining Business Van Transit

    9 Reclining Business Van Transit

    Luxury seats van for 9 people with 2ft x 2ft luggage room. This van offers 7 wide recliner business class seats for everyone in the rear...

  • 12 Passenger Ford Transit

    Ford Transit 12 Passenger Van

    The Ford Transit is fun in passenger van form. The smooth ride, power assist steering and automatic transmission makes this as fun to drive as...

  • 15 Passenger Ford Transit

    Ford Transit 15 Passenger Van

    Get the New class of Van! This new type of maxi-van in the large van category is the Ford Transit Van. Our premium Ford Transit Passenger Van offers seating for 7 while traveling in style--now both drivers and the passengers get to have fun!

  • Ford Transit Cargo Van

    Ford Transit Cargo Van

    Filling the need between a maximum sized cargo van and an older Econoline Ford Van, the Ford Transit Cargo Van is a popular van to...

  • Ford Transit Crew Cargo Van

    Ford Transit Crew Cargo Van

    Moving loads of cargo & seating up to 5 people comfortably can be a challenge. With just a few clicks you can rent a 5 Seater Crew Cargo van and have it delivered to your home or business. All paperwork is completed online so you can get about your business.

  • Ford Transit Connect

    Ford Transit Connect

    For a car-sized cargo van, look no further than the Ford Transit Connect. When what you’re carting is small enough, the Connect is the most...

  • 12 Seater Sprinter

    12 Seater Sprinter

    Our premium Sprinter Van, seating for 12 while traveling in style! Driving can be sooo much fun...

  • 15 Seater Sprinter

    15 Seater Sprinter

    Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with luxury and the Sprinter Van is no exception. Easy to drive and roomy, our 15-seat Passenger Sprinter includes...

  • 8 Seater Metris

    8 Seater Metris Minivan

    The Metris is the mid-size van for those on the go. Slightly smaller than the Sprinter, this newest addition to our fleet offers more...

  • 9 Seater Comfort

    9 Seater Comfort Sprinter

    Sprinter-Rentals presents our new 9 Seater Comfort Sprinter Van. Now you can sit in the comfort of captain chairs as you...

  • 9 Seater Business

    9 Seater Business Sprinter

    Sprinter Rentals is proud to offer our latest acquisition, the 9 Passenger Business conversion van, adding more value and comfort to...

  • 9 Seater Executive

    11 Seater Executive Sprinter

    The Executive Sprinter-Rentals van is a luxurious mobile office and traveling meeting space. Designed to meet the requirements of executive lifestyles...

  • 4 Seater Crew Cargo

    Crew Cargo 4 Seater - Sprinter

    Rent your Mercedes Benz Crew Van from our fleet of Cargo Van Rental Trucks. Feel like you are driving a mini-van while you have...

  • Cargo Sprinter

    Large Cargo Van – Sprinter

    Need space? We got it! This van's interior is 14 feet long, 5 1/2 feet wide and just over 6 feet in height!