Crew Cargo Van Rental

Brief description

Rent your Mercedes Benz Crew Van from our fleet of Cargo Van Rental Trucks. Feel like you are driving a mini-van while you have a small crew on board with the extra beach seat.
This brings the total seating to 6 and still gives you 11 feet of cargo space. This option comes in very handy for motorcycle tour chase luggage vans or repair crews that ride along with the materials, cargo or freight.
Your crew will have two large side windows, and the van’s AC/Heating system will keep your crew comfortable. Seat belts and headrests come with its 4-seat bench seating for the crew.

Reserve your very own Mercedes Benz Sprinter Crew Cargo van rental today!

MB Sprinter 12 Passenger Van Spec Sheet

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Quick Specs

  • Passenger and Driver bucket seats
  • 4 person bench right behind driver’s seat. (comes standard)
  • Over 10ft of luggage room behind last bench
  • Interior Van Height: 6+ feet
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Services available

  • Reasonably ­priced pickup/delivery to your home or business
  • Most locations offer rentals 7 days a week and 24 hours a day
  • One­way rentals available
  • Unlimited mileage packages available
  • Nationwide deliveries
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  • Large windows right behind driver and passenger seats for greater visibility.
  • Fuel Economy: Up to 22 MPG diesel engine
  • Towing Available: Yes! (max. 5000 lb)


When it comes to getting there, the super clean and fuel efficient Mercedes BlueTEC Diesel engine will surprise you with its quiet power, torque and its MPG. The 6 cylinder turbo ­diesel engine with a 3 liter/185 Horsepower features Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) emission treatment for near breathable exhaust fumes.

What's Next:

We have digitized the rental process and fully eliminated the rental counter interaction so you can be in and out in no time. You can conveniently make an online reservation here and e-sign your rental agreement a few days before your arrival.

Trips can start at any of our pick-up locations or request getting your van delivered.

Enjoy our hassle free - no questions asked full cancellation policy.

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