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*There are always exceptions, so ask if not sure. This is just a guideline to our most standards answers and questions.

In which cities do you have vans?

Our major hubs are San Diego, CA, Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA and Elizabeth, New Jersey. However, we often have vans in other cities as well. For a complete list please of other cities, please see our Other Locations page.
Please note that we do not have offices in all locations and we highly recommend that you contact our office prior to visiting our van parking facilities; our vans are frequently off property being washed, maintained, transferred etc.We move our fleet around based upon weather and current rental needs, so some vans may not be available in all areas all of the time.

Which van is best for me?

Check out our fleet page for an overview of the different seating configurations, luggage/cargo space, and features. If you need assistance, call one of our friendly rental coordinators, and we would be glad to help find your perfect van.

How many vans are in your fleet?

We have a large fleet of vans, but vans are often moved around based on seasons and customer demand. If we don’t have a van in your location, we may offer to transfer one to your location for a fee.

How much storage or cargo room do the vans have?

All of our vans are the same size- 170 wheelbase. However, the cargo room depends on the seating configuration. The 12 passenger and business class have 5ft+, the 15-pax has approx. 2.5ft+. The cargo vans have 14ft+ without a bench and 11ft+ with an additional bench. For a comparison chart, please see our Fleet Page.

How much luggage room do the Sprinter Passenger vans have?

In comparison to the Ford E350s, the passenger Sprinters can comfortably accommodate all passengers as well ample luggage space. By ample, we mean enough room for 2+ suitcases for all passengers. For exact measurements, please see our fleet page.

What standard features are the vans equipped?

Please see the individual van pages to see included and available optional features.

Do you offer unlimited mileage?

For most of our vans, we do offer an unlimited mileage package for an additional fee. Prices depend van type, length of rental, etc. Please inquire with one of our friendly reps.

Do I need a special license to rent a Sprinter Van?

We do not require a special license to rent a van from Sprinter-Rentals. Each state has laws governing license requirements based type of use of the van. We encourage you to research the laws for each state you will drive through.

Can you deliver a van to my home or office?

Absolutely, our drivers can deliver and pick-up vans from any location. The rates for “door-to-door” service is typically determined by distance from one of our main locations. Discounts are often given if location is near public transportation (airport, train station etc).

What time can I pick-up and drop off the van?

We are very flexible. We allow pickup/drop-offs 24/7 because most of our rentals are attendant-free and all paperwork is handled over the computer prior to the rental . Just let us know what you desire, and we will try to make it happen for you.

How do I get a proposal (quote) for a van?

You can get a quote by simply entering in your rental information into this form, or you may call us.

Why did my rate (or discount) change?

Our rates are very competitive, but can change based on many factors such as availability, seasons, locations, etc. Typically our rates will increase closer to the rental date, so we recommend that you reserve your van well in advance (especially during the summer).

Do you offer any additional discounts?

Although we do not offer additional discounts for affiliate or group memberships, our prices are very competitive. We often provide discounts (without being requested) based on locations, availability, and length of rental. Also, we offer some of the lowest per mileage rates in the business.

How do I reserve the van?

We highly recommend that you request a proposal in advance. The proposal will usually lock-in the rate for a certain amount of time. Once you would like to confirm the reservation, you simply have to call us and provide your credit card information for the non-refundable down payment. Please note that your van is not guaranteed for you until the down payment has been charged.

When do I pay for the rental?

In order to reserve the van, we need a 20% non-refundable down payment (+transfer fees if applicable). Within 1-2 days after you pick-up your van, a middle payment, approximately 80% of the remaining balance will be charged. Once the van is returned 1-2 final payments may be charged which would incl. the remaining balance, possible additional mileage, tolls, damages etc. We will always contact you in advance if there are additional charges. Longer and shorter term rentals may have a different payment schedule.

For a more comprehensive explanation of our payment and cancellation policy, please see our Terms, Payment, & Cancellation Policy.

Can I take the van out of state or to a different country?

Yes, we allow our vans to travel anywhere in the continental United States. We even allow our vehicles to go to Canada or Mexico, if we are notified prior to your rental. Additional travel documents are required to enter back into the United States, so you need to notify us in advance.

Do the vans have a hitch and can I pull a trailer?

Many of the vans do have hitch, but it must be requested when making the reservation to guarantee it. Towing fees may apply.

Can I take the van off-road?

We highly discourage taking the Sprinter vans off-road. They are not 4-wheel drive and it increases the probability of causing damage to the vans.

Can I take the van to the snow? Do you offer snow-chains?

We do not recommend that the vans be taken to the snow as they are not 4x4. As a result we do not offer snow-chains with any rental.

What type of fuel do the vans use?

All Sprinter vans require NO. 2 Diesel available at most gas stations. This is not the same diesel the semi-trucks use at the the truck stops. Also, please be aware that bio-diesel looks very similar to the NO. 2 diesel, but it will not substitute. Inside the fuel door on the driver’s side will have additional information. Putting the wrong kind of fuel or diesel, may cause significant damage to the van.
All of our ford vans use unleaded gasoline.

What happens if my van has a mechanical issue during my rental?

Although we do not anticipate any mechanical issues during your rental, in very rare instances they do happen. We pride ourselves on responding to these issues in a very timely manner. Simply call our nationwide hotline and follow the prompts for quick resolution and response. Please note that repairs, parts or towing, will NOT be reimbursed or covered if not pre-approved by a Sprinter Rentals employee.

What happens if my vans needs maintenance during the rental?

In most cases, the vans undergo all required maintenance prior to your rental. However, in some circumstances such as rental extensions, or excessive mileage, the van may need to serviced during your rental. Please notify our office immediately if you have any questions or concerns. If pre-approved by a Sprinter-Rental employee, we will cover all maintenance costs. Please note that maintenance, parts or towing, will NOT be reimbursed or covered if not pre-approved by a Sprinter Rentals employee.

What happens if an indicator light on the dash appears?

While we love our Mercedes Sprinter Vans (obviously), they are extremely sensitive vehicles, and the smallest thing (temperature or altitude change, different brands of diesel, etc.) may trigger a light to come on in the dash. Please notify our office as soon as possible either by speaking to a rep or leaving a message. If there is a performance issue or message accompanying the light, immediately call our nationwide hotline to speak to a rep during business hours. If it’s outside of business hours, follow the prompts for a vehicle issue.

Are pets allowed to travel in the vans?

Yes, absolutely. Just inform us when making the reservation. Please see our pet friendly policy for more information.

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