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Brief description

Five seater van with a large cargo space. The Mercedes Benz Crew Cargo comes with 5 individual contour seats and 8 x 5 ft of cargo space behind the last seat.

There is a side entry sliding door, so everyone sitting in the rear can get in and out of the van.

This Sprinter van is not a hybrid or EV, however it gets 20 to 22 miles per gallon using a clean tech diesel engine with a smooth automatic transmission.

The 144 WB Crew Sprinter is packed with features and comfort. All crew cargo vans have child seat compliant benches so you can safely strap the child seat in. Crew cargo vans typically do not have rear AC, however the insulated roof and walls do help to keep the cargo space and rear seating climatized using just the front AC or heat during your trips.

Bring your pet, most of our vans are pet friendly, so your loved ones move with you when you finally packed up and get on the road.

Please see our cargo space photos below to get an insight on if you can move your whole apartment with a single load in a crew cargo Sprinter while having five comfortable seats.

For larger vans please pick any of these Mercedes Benz Sprinters: XL Cargo Van, XL Crew Cargo van, or a XL Crew van with rear AC.

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Quick Specs

  • Seats: 5 seats with headrests
  • Driver & Passenger bucket seats + 1 rows of seats
  • Cargo Area: 8.5ft deep by 5ft wide as 5 seater
  • Cargo Area as a 5 seater: 8.5 ft deep by 5 ft wide
  • Cargo Bed Size, 101.2 x 70.1 inches
  • Maximum Cargo Width At Floor, in 70.1
  • Cargo Width At Wheelhouse, in 53.1
  • GCWR is the maximum allowable weight van+trailer 13,550
  • Payload, the amount of weight a vehicle can carry 3,171 lbs.
  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW). 5,225 lbs.
  • Max. loaded weight for the Crew Sprinter (GVWR) 8,550 lbs.
  • Interior Van Height: 6 ft
  • Fuel Economy: Up to 22 MPG gas
  • Towing: Available on some vans (max. 2500 lb)
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Services available

  • Reasonably-priced pickup/delivery to your home or business
  • Counterless rental process
  • 24/7 Attended free pick up and drop with reservation
  • One-way rentals available
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Nationwide deliveries
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  • Radio with AUX input, SD-Card Reader
  • Front/Rear Air Condition
  • Slightly reclining seats
  • Foldable rear seats for extra luggage space
  • Towing [note in your reservation during booking]
  • Blind Spot Monitors
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Q: How much more cargo space does the 170 inch crew cargo van have compared to the 144 inch wb van?

A:The 170 inch van has a 41” longer cargo space between the beach seat and the rear doors than the shorter 144” Sprinter. In other words the short Sprinter has a 3.4 ft shorter cargo space than the longer Sprinter.

Here are the details:

Cargo length Cargo Width Number of seats
170 inch WB Crew van: 142” 70.1” 5
144 inch WB Crew van: 101.2” 70.1” 5


When it comes to emission Mercedes Benz bluetec engines with adblue are the benchmark when it comes to trying to lower emission while hauling cargo. AdBlue helps to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides, or NOx, from your car's exhaust. Hybrids are not always better for the environment than diesel-powered vans. Studies have found that plug-in hybrids actually consume more fuel because they're heavier than diesel-powered vans, and require more trips, and energy to accelerate which makes their greenhouse emissions higher.

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