Renting an Executive Sprinter Van

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Rent an executive Sprinter van from one of our hosts and roll up in style. These VIP vans are specifically designed for an executive lifestyle, with elegant seats and features seen in very high end cars.

Executive Sprinter Vans are retrofitted vans, meaning they don’t come with luxury features from the factory. Instead, our hosts buy these vans and send them to third-party companies for customization with premium materials, equipment, and technologies.

Whether you’re renting for business travel, a corporate event, loading a bunch of golf carts, an adventure, or a family celebration, these sleek luxury vans exude an aura of excellence and prestige.

Our hosts around the United States and Europe offer an exciting variety of executive Mercedes luxury vans, each with a level of sophistication and comfort you won't find in regular Sprinters.

Search our executive conversion van lineup to see many of the exciting rental options available to you. Features range from signature seating layouts, captain chairs, luxury recliners, special lighting, large TVs, hardwood floors, and more.

Custom-made luxury vans just like yachts could have golden bathroom door knobs. While we do have VIP vans with such high-end features, we mainly focus on comfort and usability. That’s why we are able to offer luxury vans for rent at affordable rates to seat 9, 11, 12 or even up to 15 passengers.

Here are some VIP vans to view and compare some of their unique details, like the number of seats, cargo space, and van rental location near you.

Mercedes Sprinter VIP Van 11 seater

11 Seater Executive Sprinter Van

This VIP Sprinter near Los Angeles is all about a great image! It delivers a well-rounded modern mix of comfort, sporty style, youth, and class. Read More.

Sprinter Van 12 seater Business Class VIP Limo

12 Seater Executive Sprinter Van

This 12 Passenger Executive Sprinter Van is available for rent in Las Vegas. It’s a luxurious mobile office and traveling meeting space designed to meet the requirements of executive lifestyles. Read More.

Sprinter Van 13 seater Executive Sprinter

13 seater Executive Sprinter Van

This 13-seater VIP Sprinter combines bountiful seating capabilities and brilliant features. It comes loaded with 11 slightly reclining seats, a big-screen TV, a rear AC, and USB outlets to power your office devices. Read More.

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Luxury sprinters cost from $350 to over $500 per day. Rental rates vary based on the model year, features, location, and host.

There are no extra fees for standard usage. Additional fees may apply for excess mileage, fuel surcharges, cleaning fees or extras such as child seats. Inquire about any potential fees or charges when booking your rental.

Executive Sprinters are outfitted with features like large seats with high-quality upholstery, privacy partitions, integrated multimedia systems, entertainment options, and advanced climate control.

Expect an executive van with captains chairs or reclining seats, a huge TV, hardwood or carpeted floors, ambient lighting, rear AC, CD/DVD, Bluetooth, radio, and custom wheels. Most vans do not come with bathrooms.

A VIP sprinter van has seats for between 9 and 15 passengers. Notably, vans customized to carry fewer passengers tend to have big seats, making them ideal for executive luxury travel.

No, we don’t currently offer rentals with a driver in the United States or in Europe. We might be able to connect you with a driver for hire. But we can not provide a driver in the US, but perhaps in Europe.

You may rent (not drive) our vans at age 18. For business use, you may drive our vans at age 21. For personal use, the minimum age to drive is 24 and up. Please note that you can rent the van now and change the main driver to someone of the appropriate age at no charge.

You are allowed to drive the rented van across all state borders within the continental United States. However, please note that if you plan to travel to Canada, you need to notify us in advance as additional travel documents may be required. Sorry, you can’t rent a VIP van for Mexico with us in Texas.

Yes, we offer one-way executive Sprinter van rentals. You can also pick up and drop off the van at any address as long as you arrange with us in advance. Your van will be delivered to the address specified.

Vans have height and length limitations, so they can’t fit in the average car parking space. The best advice is to look for large open air parking spaces in the area you plan to visit before renting a van. Search for open parking lots to avoid height restrictions. Ask whether you can pay for two parking spaces at the back of a lot if you can’t find dedicated spots for oversized vehicles.

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