9 Passenger Comfort Sprinter Van Rental

Brief description

Sprinter-Rentals presents our new 9 Seater Comfort Sprinter Van. Now you can sit in the comfort of captain chairs as you glide down the highway. Behind the front premium driver and passenger bucket seats, there are 4 individual captain chairs, plus another row that comfortably fits 3 people. All of the seats have individual headrests. This is the most luxurious and largest van in the passenger van market today.

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MB Sprinter Comfort Van Spec Sheet

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Quick Specs

  • Seats: 8-9 people with headrests. Driver & Passenger bucket seats + 2 rows of 2 captain chairs. Last row varies between bucket seats and bench seating.
  • Cargo Area: 5+ feet long
  • Interior Van Height: 6+ feet
  • Fuel Economy: Up to 22 MPG diesel engine
  • Towing Available: Yes! (max. 5000 lb)
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Services available

  • Reasonably ­priced pickup/delivery to your home or business
  • Most locations offer rentals 7 days a week and 24 hours a day
  • One­way rentals available
  • Unlimited mileage packages available
  • Nationwide deliveries
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  • 14-22 inch LCD TV screen
  • CD/DVD player
  • Radio, SD-Card Reader & Aux input.
  • Rear A/C
  • Lots of legroom


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Q: How long is a 9 seater Sprinter van?

A: 9 Seater Sprinters come in two lengths. The longer 170 wheelbase Sprinter is 22 feet 10 inches bumper to bumper, with 14 feet of interior length, and 6’4″ in height for the high roof Sprinter.
The shorter Sprinter 144 wheelbase is 19.5 feet long bumper - bumper, with 10.5 feet of interior length from behind the driver’s seat to the back doors.
The Interior height of the high roof van is 6’4″.

Q: What is the difference between a 144 and a 170 WB 9 seater business Sprinter van?

A: Our 9 seater Sprinters are all the same for the passengers, however the longer Sprinter has a larger cargo space, it is 69” deep x 70” wide [5’7” x 5’8”]. The short Sprinter has a cargo space of 30” deep x 70” wide [ 2’7” x 5’8”].

When it comes to getting there, the super clean and fuel efficient Mercedes BlueTEC Diesel engine will surprise you with its quiet power, torque and its MPG. The 6 cylinder turbo ­diesel engine with a 3 liter/185 Horsepower features Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) emission treatment for near breathable exhaust fumes.

Rental rates

Average Daily Rate:
based upon 3+ day/rental
$240-315+** 125 FREE miles incl.
$0.29 per additional mile
Average Weekly Rate*: $1680-$2200+* 800 FREE miles incl.
$0.29 per additional mile
Monthly Rates: Available
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Reasonably-priced pickup/delivery to your home or business

(Most locations offer rentals 7 days a week, 24 hours a day)

  • One-way rentals available
  • Unlimited mileage packages available
  • Nationwide deliveries
  • Call for long term rentals and flex leasing rates

*Rates are dependent upon availability, rental location, usage, optional features, and season***, and are subject to change without notice. Transfer fees may apply. Rates are based on a 24-hour "rental day" starting at the time of rental.

**Rentals 3 days or less may be at a higher daily rate and subject to limited availability. Occasionally shorter rentals cannot be confirmed more than 10 days in advance. However, we will most certainly try to accommodate your requests, so please give us a call.

***Season requirements: (May-September & Holidays) additional day supplements and extended minimum rental periods may apply. We offer exceptional personalized service and always to accommodate our customers, so please don’t hesitate to call us. Please review our (Terms, Payment and Cancellation) policies

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