April 4th, 2014

Find out more about Sprinters

Get to know Sprinters. The Dodge Sprinter Van is one of the many vehicles manufactured by Daimler Benz. The Sprinter Van first hit the streets in 1995 when it replaced the Mercedes-Benz T1 ("Bremer Transporter") then in 2007 the second generation came on the market. The Sprinter in the first generation was an all new concept that revolutionized the van industry in Europe and later in the US.

The obvious difference in appearance to traditional vans is clearly visible to the user. The most striking difference is the slanted hood unlike the angular "muzzle designs" of older vans. These new looks are for aerodynamics and make the Sprinter Van one of the quietest when it comes to cabin noise. The Sprinter was offered with two different wheelbases and two different heights and provides a large transport volume. You can get the details on our related post.

Most stunning is the braking power, bringing a Sprinter van from top speed to a complete stop is not a bit longer than any other traditional (not sports or luxury car) car on Americas roads today. When driving, the smooth diesel engine is a true bliss. At first it accelerates fast and then it gets very quiet, when dropping the RPM in cruising speeds at around 80 MPH (not in California). The engine then consumes very little fuel. We have been getting over 20 miles per gallon (diesel) at high speeds on the freeway. The Sprinter top speed in the US is at around 90 MPH. While in Germany they actually rev much higher and will run 105 MPH on the Autobahn.

To mosts surprise the Sprinter was developed in cooperation with Volkswagen and also sold in Europe under the name VW LT. This making Sprinters one of the most named vehicles ever. They are sold as Sprinter by Mercedes-Benz, Dodge and Freightliner. While the Mercedes built Sprinter was receiving further development in its lifecycle, the VW LT was produced virtually unchanged since its start of production. That was one of the reasons why the Sprinter has been sold far better than the LT, and his name virtually defines the class of large vans today. The sprinter was and is one of the most successful vans worldwide and now symbolizes the "Sprinter class" among the transporters.

The Sprinter is manufactured in Düsseldorf Germany and also re-assembled in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). While just a few years ago there were no Sprinters in the US, today they are becoming very popular as passenger vans, cargo transporters for small businesses or family vans. Various Sprinter conversions are out there, covering campers, surf vans, activity and adventure vans as well as limo buses and spacey vehicles for handicapped.

You have many choices when it comes to buying a Sprinter in the US, the same for parts and Sprinter-Accessories for it. Here is a list of companies that we found helpful when it comes to Sprinters.

Official Mercedes Benz of America Sprinter page. This is where you can get watery eyes looking at all these brand new Sprinter vans for sale. They offer great financing on them. But if you give us a call we will direct you to our fleet purchase specialist, he can get you a deal.

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