April 9th, 2015

Air Intake Hose Coming Loose and Causing Turbo Problems to MB Sprinter Vans' Diesel Engine

The Mercedes Sprinter Van is one of the most excellent vehicles in its class considering an all-round evaluation of its performance, fuel mileage, and of course its smooth handling. A lot of these qualities are the responsibility of the diesel engine that these models are equipped with, along with the multiple control systems that have been implemented in modern automotive technology.

Without going into the technical details of why diesel engines are superior to gas ones , you can ensure that your Mercedes Sprinter core is healthy throughout its lifespan by checking regularly on some systems - like the turbo area. Most of the cutting-edge diesel engines today are equipped with a turbocharger that's meant to feed more air and, consequently, more fuel to the engine. This allows the combustion to take place on a faster rhythm, thereby yielding more power and traction for a smaller engine size.

For all its benefits, turbo issues are some of the most common ones that appear in these van models and their symptoms can range from an LHM (Limp Home Mode, where the Van does not exceed 40 mph), turbo lag, sudden loss of power, or even a total engine shutdown. What is even more confusing with many of these sensors, is that sometimes, the turbo functions properly again upon stopping and restarting the engine.

The air intake hose is one of the most critical parts in the diesel engine with a turbo, especially because of its fragility. Therefore, a lot of models experience symptoms of turbo issues even in their first couple of years due to the air intake hose coming loose. When this hose is loose, dirt or other foreign material can get absorbed by the turbo mechanism and then even get pushed all the way to the engine's combustion chambers. This can easily ruin your turbo and also greatly affect the lifespan of your engine. Please take note that right next to the air filter there are two sensors, namely the Mass Air Sensor, as well as a pressure sensor - both of which can also be faulty.

Loose Air Intake Hoose Sprinter Van Engine

When a diesel engine experiences power loss issues or turbo problems, the air-intake, filters, and sensors are usually the first ones verified by professional mechanics as being the problem.

Sprinter Van Diesel Engine

So have your Mercedes Sprinter Van engine checked regularly. If you don't, you risk having your Mercedes-Benz warranty invalidated by a repair-shop, since the air-intake hose coming loose or the charge air hose that connects the turbo to the intercooler having similar issues are very uncommon when regular maintenance takes place.