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Rent a Sprinter van in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, New Jersey / New York & Richmond, get nationwide one-way rentals & deliveries to your business. Get your fuel efficient Mercedes-Benz Sprinter passenger, business or cargo van from the leading large and mid-size van rental company in the U.S.

Intelligent Features and Benefits

passenger sprinter van rentals interior layout
cargo sprinter van rentals seating options

Sprinter-Rentals prides itself on our extensive, Mercedes-only Van fleet. All of our passenger vans have TV/DVD players and are spacious enough to seat your entire group plus all their luggage. The 12 passenger vans & 15 passenger vans offer very comfortable bench style seating with ample legroom plus cargo space in the back. If you looking for a bit more luxury, our 9 person Comfort class conversion vans are equipped with plush reclinable captain chairs making it the ideal van for the long road-trips or executive travel.

Our “traditional” 2 seater cargo has nearly 500 cubic feet of space covering 14 feet of enclosed cargo area. If you are needing to transport more people and still require a lot of room, our Crew Cargo Van will do the job.

van rentals seats van rentals cargo space van rentals extras
12 seater Sprinter Van 12 SEATER SPRINTER 12 seats:
bench seating
L: 73” / 6’3”
W: 70” / 5’8”
H: 76 / 6’3”
♦ TV/DVD player
♦ Bench seating
♦ AUX input
15 seater Sprinter Van 15 SEATER SPRINTER 15 Seats:
bench seating
L: 24” / 2’
W: 70”/ 5’8”
H: 76 / 6’3”
♦ TV/DVD player
♦ Bench seating
♦ AUX input
9 Seater Comfort Sprinter Van 9 SEATER COMFORT SPRINTER 8-9 Seats:
captain chairs &
bench (varies)
L: 69” / 5’7”
W: 70” / 5’8”
H: 76” / 6’3”
♦ TV/DVD player
♦ Captain Chairs
♦ AUX input
Business Class Sprinter Van 9 SEATER BUSINESS SPRINTER 9 Seats:
captain chairs
L: 69” / 5’7”
W: 70” / 5’8”
H: 76” / 6’3”
♦ 32 inch LCD TV
♦ Captain Chairs
♦ SD-Card Reader &,Aux
Executive Sprinter Van 11 SEATER EXECUTIVE SPRINTER 11 Seats:
captain chairs
2 x 5 x 5 ft. ♦ 32 inch LCD TV
♦ Cooler for up to 30 cans of soda
♦ Thermal Air pot Coffee Dispenser
crew cargo sprinter van CREW CARGO SPRINTER 6 seats:
1 bench
L: 131” /10’9”
W: 70” / 5’8”
H: 78” / 6’4”
♦ 10 ft of cargo,space + seats a crew,
♦ Side windows
Cargo Sprinter Van CARGO SPRINTER 2 seats:
no bench
L: 169” / 14’
W: 70” / 5’8”
H: 78” / 6’4”
♦ 14 ft of cargo space
♦ No side windows
8 seater Metris Minivan 8 SEATER METRIS MINIVAN 8 seats:
bench seating
L: 27.5” / 2’3”
W: 61.1” / 5’1”
H: 52.4” / 4’4”
♦ iPod interface,
♦ USB connection

Sprinter Van Rentals Fleet

Our premium Sprinter Van, seating for 12 while traveling in style! Driving can be sooo much fun. Don’t just get there – sprint there in our latest Mercedes Sprinter Van models. Roll up in style in a silver Mercedes Benz Van while all 12 passengers ride and enjoy the comfort. Rent a Sprinter Van if you need a passenger van with 2 front seats and 10 rear bench seats with headrests. If you rent our MB Sprinter vans in southern California – Los Angeles and San Diego rental hubs, Phoenix – Arizona or Las Vegas – Nevada, the ice cold A/C eases you through the long desert drives of the southwest USA. Read more

Be Alive and Drive... Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with luxury and the Sprinter Van is no exception. Easy to drive and roomy, our 15-seat Passenger Sprinter includes contoured bench seats with individual headrests, an incredible amount of legroom, ample luggage space and a flat screen TV & DVD player. Make a statement in style and comfort with this one-of-a-kind passenger van. Our vans turn on a dime and turn heads. These vans get great fuel economy as compared to other less spacious passenger vans. So bring the whole group, suitcases, golf clubs, bicycles, furry friends and yes, even the kitchen sink would fit. Read more

Sprinter Rentals is proud to offer our latest acquisition, the 9 Passenger Business conversion van, adding more value and comfort to our fleet. The interior amenities provide our passengers with the sensation of travelling in the most luxurious vehicle on the road. Behind the premium front seats there are 4 individual soft leather recliners and a single 3 person bench that feels as plush as one of our finest captains chairs. We have also outfitted this model with a premium entertainment system highlighted by a 32” TV and stereo/dvd player ensuring a superior driving experience. Feel the comfort and luxury of our Business Class by renting the largest vehicle available in the passenger van market. Read more

The Executive Sprinter-Rentals van is a luxurious mobile office and traveling meeting space. Designed to meet the requirements of executive lifestyles, the TV, iPad® pods and a premium sound system makes both productivity, and entertainment, a priority on the road. You will enjoy all of this while being seated in soft leather reclining chairs. A front and back wall separates the seven seats from the two forward driver/passenger seats and from the back luggage area, so private conferences are always an option. Read more

Rent your Mercedes Benz Crew Van from our fleet of Cargo Van Rental Trucks. Feel like you are driving a mini-van while you have a small crew on board with the extra beach seat. This brings the total seating to 6 and still gives you 11 feet of cargo space. This option comes in very handy for motorcycle tour chase luggage vans or repair crews that ride along with the materials, cargo or freight. Your crew will have two large side windows, and the van’s AC/Heating system will keep your crew comfortable. Seat belts and headrests come with its 4-seat bench seating for the crew. Read more

Need space? We got it! This van's interior is 14 feet long, 5 1/2 feet wide and just over 6 feet in height! With seating for two, this van allows you to carry almost anything by yourself, without the worry of having to put your personal belongings into someone else's hands. The Cargo Sprinter is the best choice for moving out, carrying large equipment like motorcycles/surfboards or other gear, and if you wanted to, you could even sleep in the back by throwing down an air mattress. Read more

Sprinter Van Rentals Locations

Please choose from any of the locations below or have your van delivered to any location in the United States.

Rentals are available nationwide in any City or at any Airport not listed below.

Enjoy reasonably priced Door to Door service and let us bring the van directly to you.

Office hours: Monday to Saturday: 8am - 5pm (Pacific Standard Time). Vehicle pickup and drop-off is available 7/24

ORANGE COUNTY Sprinter Rentals
John Wayne Airport,
Orange County (SNA)
18601 Airport Way,
Santa Ana, CA 92707
Toll-Free: 1 888-323-6446
Sprinter Rentals
12824 Cerise Ave, Hawthorne,
Los Angeles, CA 90250
Phone: (213) 785-3224
Toll-Free: 1 888-323-6446
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
Park 'N Fly (Park One)
6351 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Sprinter Rentals
1926 Park St.
Alameda, CA 94501
Phone: 1 415-449-8890
Toll-Free: 1 888-323-6446
San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
Long Term Parking
806 S Airport Blvd, South
San Francisco, CA 94080
Oakland International Airport (OAK)
Economy Parking
1 Airport Dr,
Oakland, CA, 94621
Sprinter Rentals
3002 S Rancho Dr,
Las Vegas NV 89102
Phone: 1 702-837-0006
Toll-Free: 1 888-323-6446
Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS)
Economy Parking
576 Kitty Hawk Way,
Paradise, NV 89119

Sprinter Rentals History

Mercedes Bus, Grandfather of the Sprinter Mini-Bus
The company was born years ago when our Ford Van Rental Fleet Manager met two enthusiastic Mercedes mechanics who were bragging about how good these Mercedes Sprinter Vans were and how long they lasted. Plans were quickly made to purchase Sprinter Vans and make them available to you for rent.

sprinter rentals company history

Presently, one of the two mechanics has joined our fleet maintenance department while the company is managed by an event planner, whose family operated a bus-tour company from 1932 to 1960.

Renting the right vehicle you want and getting it can be problematic and painful - our office staff will customize any reservation, from your trip around Los Angeles, Las Vegas or anywhere in the United States–we have the expertise and experience to get you there.

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