June 9th, 2014

Save Fuel with a Sprinter Van

With gas hovering at around $2.50 a gallon , the cost of fuel is one of the key factors to consider when choosing a rental van. Sprinter Vans are the fuel efficient answer to all of your fuel questions and concerns! Whether you need a van for business or personal use, you will save money because you go to the pump less often with our vans.

Most of the rental vans on the road are Ford E350s. Why? Most rental companies choose Ford Vans because they are inexpensive to buy and maintain inexpensive for them, not for you. We have paid the premium price for Mercedes quality and workmanship because we wanted our fleet of vans to last and to save on fuel. Our goal was not only to protect your pocketbook at the pump, but to protect the environment as well.

Let's do a comparison between renting a typical gas-guzzling Ford E350 and renting a fuel-saving Sprinter. For example, from a starting point of San Diego, your trip to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco or other exciting destinations (well rent you a van almost anywhere) will cost less because you enjoying the scenery instead of filling the tank. Let's say you decide on a road trip to fantastic San Francisco. Where will a tank of gas get you if you are driving the comfortable Sprinter? Well, depending on which route you take, you can probably get there on one tank of gas. Even though the Ford has a larger tank, it will not get you as far as the Sprinter which means you will probably end up near Salinas, California approximately 80 miles short of San Francisco.

The scenario above is just the number of miles traveled, not how much you spend at the pump. The Sprinter has a 26 gallon tank. Assuming fuel is $2.50 a gallon, the cost to fill the tank would be $54.60. However, the cost to fill the 35 gallon Ford tank would be $73.50. So, the math is pretty simple here. Driving the Sprinter would save you $20 per fill up and also get you 50 to 80 more miles down the road. So you have some money left to spend on tolls for the drive across the Golden Gate Bridge.

fuell efficient van rentals

Of course, fuel efficiency is about more than just dollars it makes sense too. When you rent a gas-sipping Sprinter, you will have other reasons to feel good about your decision: you decrease your carbon footprint which helps deduce climate change and you help reduce our dependence on oil (a non-renewable resource).

So put a smile on your face and rent a Sprinter Van; it is a win-win for you, for us, and for the earth.