May 14th, 2014

Sprinter Van rentals USA wrap you up!

Sprinter Vans wrapped up - we literally do this for you.

At Sprinter Rentals USA we have a vehicle wrap services that can create a cost-effective moving billboard while you have a long-term rental with us! The high quality, high-resolution vehicle wraps we can provide deliver excellent marketing exposure. Vehicle wraps are also relatively easy to remove, which allows for a changes in advertising your products and in short-term makes your rental van an additional advertising source for your business.

wrap Sprinter Van

Check out the videos below for solutions used by MB Sprinter Van rental clients. Feature your promotional wrapping day in and day out and give your Company image a major boost, nothing will market your products in style like a 170″ Mercedes Benz Sprinter Cargo van. An eye catching van built by the worlds leader in the luxury vehicle market – associated with comfort, safety, innovation, efficiency and even being green with fuel saving clean blue-tech diesel engines.

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