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We rent Sprinter Cargo Vans, long and tall with 170″ wheel base that has a huge cargo holding space. The Sprinter Crew Cargo Van Rentals comes in handy when you have a work crew of up to 6 sharing a van with lots of cargo. Both Sprinter Cargo models have economic diesel engines ideal for nationwide commercial, promotional or private use.

We have vans here to get you there, personalized services, and a well-kept fleet of new model rental vans serving all states and budgets, along with our Ford E350 15-passenger vans that have trailer towing.

The Sprinters provide the best in luggage, leg room and comfortable travel. Take advantage of our roof rack or small enclosed trailers to make sure you have the extra room and comfort you need. Some of our fleet is equipped with DVD players and 15" monitors that work great for family or group entertainment while traversing to your destination.


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