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Breakthrough technology ensures better management of Sprinter Rentals' van fleet

San Diego, CA – TourmalineLabs partners up with Sprinter Rentals to test a location awareness software to improve Sprinter Rental’s fleet management software.

Driving detection and behaviour monitoring app

TourmalineLabs based in San Diego, CA focuses on development of software that improves the performance of applications or devices that use GPS positioning. The soon to be released commercial context awareness software is being supplied to Sprinter-Rentals, embedded in a dedicated application for their company’s Android smartphones.

The application offers drive detection and driving behavior monitoring features with minimal usage of battery. The software uses a breakthrough technology to utilize the smartphone sensors, such as the orientation sensors, G force sensors, accelerators, and WiFi networks, to detect and track the motion applied to the mobile device. GPS is only used to verify the phone position when needed.

Bernhard Berger, one of TourmalineLabs speakers, said: “The low reliance on the traditional GPS positioning system allows the application to use only a minimum amount of energy. We have seen our applications using only 2% of the daily battery usage which is a fraction of the energy consumption compared to usage of standard GPS signalling.”

Sprinter Rentals favors that the software is also able to monitor the acceleration which the phone is subject to while driving. This allows the application to detect and record how employees drive the company vehicles and will replace hardware supported driving behavior monitoring. “We look forward to run fleet management, safe driving monitoring, or several other applications for which position and behavior detection is required and even have battery life left at the end of the day” said Klaus Doring of Sprinter Rentals.

The software was adopted by Sprinter Rentals in May 2014 and has been successfully tested since then. The company is looking forward to test a commercial version of TourmalineLabs’ software which is scheduled to be released in the 1st quarter of 2015.

About Sprinter Rentals
Sprinter-Rentals is a Mercedes van rental company with locations all over the United States.

About TourmalineLabs. Inc.
TourmalineLabs Inc. based in San Diego, CA offers precise location and movement data using GPS and all sensors of smartphones of all manufactures with minimal battery drain. www.TourmalineLabs.com Inc. partners with mobile phone manufacturers, carriers and app (development) companies in the US and Europe to provide its technology to the end user. 

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