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Laurent Boulay, the master mind who pushed the Mercedes Benz Sprinter & Volkswagen Crafter vehicle design to the next level.
What makes vehicle designs unique and what makes them the same?   Unique vehicle designs like the Volkswagen Crafter and the Mercedes Benz Sprinter come from outstanding people with vision--the vision to see the future needs of people, the international market, and the planet.  Unique vehicle designs also come with style--in this case--the French stylings of Laurent Boulay.

Laurent Boulay’s outstanding vision for the future of Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans was born from a foundation of education in France leading up to a Masters Degree from the University Aix-Marseille in Business Engineering.  After graduating, he worked for Volkswagen, and became the chief designer of exteriors of trucks, and then a design manager as well.  He updated the original design the Sprinter passenger and cargo van we use today with a concept version in 2007.   In later years, he also made other changes that still benefit us today. 

Boulay was instrumental in adding the luxury, technology, and comfort to the Sprinter passenger vans we have available for rent.  These vans are the best on the market for group travel today = including groups of 9-, 10-, 12-, and 15-passengers.  Just ask anyone who rents our vans.  Our clients enjoy the comfortable and easy driving and riding, and when our clients step out of their Sprinters, onlookers always ask about the beautiful style that Boulay added to the exterior of these vans.

First, Boulay helped determine the van’s width so that it easily fits into metro and urban parking spots with ease.  He also determined three different model lengths and heights might be needed.  Sprinter Rentals carries the highest and longest versions of the passenger and cargo vans--so no one would ever be wanting more space.  This gives the passenger van clients a very large cargo space in the back for lots of luggage, golf bags, and or even band equipment.  

Boulay knew that the cargo vans needed to fill a niche also.   The 170” wheel-base gives the cargo van clients enough space for just about anything!  The Crew Cargo van even has more seating options--to carry up to 6 people total, so you take your crew and all of the construction or other equipment you could need.

Boulay’s vision of the perfect passenger and cargo vehicle is not only being used here in the U.S., but it was first highly popular in Europe and around the world. So Boulay’s French upbringing and education has given us something for everyone.  Let’s thank Laurent Boulay for his sense of style, comfort, and forward-thinking technology that envisioned the future of transportation on a worldwide scale.

Laurent Boulay, the master mind who pushed the Mercedes Benz Sprinter & Volkswagen Crafter vehicle design to the next level.

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