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Pickup Truck - Toyota Tacoma 4x4

Need a pickup for a quick move?  Taking those dirt bikes to the desert for a family outing, or taking all of your friend's boards to the beach? 

Our Club Cab Toyota Tacomas have secure hooks for any load.  We even allow towing, so you can expand your range of fun or work. Drive nationwide or into Mexico, and follow your heart's desire exploring dirt roads (just no off-roading, please).    


Toyota Tacoma 4x4 pickup

It is a lean, mean machine that gives you torque with less overall weight. Toyota reliability is well-known and the Tacoma will get you wherever you are going (back roads or hard-to-reach job sites) while saving you money on gas (we’re getting about 20 miles per gallon).

California Sprinter-Rentals offers the 4x4 Pickup 4-door Tacoma. We even have a choice between an automatic or a stick shift, and a normal or a long bed. 

Toyota Tacoma 4x4 engine

The Tacoma offers a powerful 4-liter V6 gasoline engine with 236 hp at 5,200 rpm and a 6-speed MANUAL transmission with a clutch.

It has optional low-gearing for heavy towing or off-road driving—in other words, this transmission gives you the guts to make the most of each gear.

The Tacoma’s truck bed (5 ft./1.5m) has an integrated Deck Rail System with four adjustable tie-down cleats and hook-tracks to secure your loads of up to 1650 lbs.

Toyota Tacoma 4x4 truck bed

Rental Rates for a Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Crew Cab:
  • Daily: US$ 55.00 including 150 miles free
  • Weekly: US$ 330.00 including 750 miles free
  • One-way rentals available, ask for pricing
  • Insurance not included
  • Towing optional

Toyota Tacoma off-road pickup

The image shows this versatile vehicle in action. It can easily take you over dirt roads while holding 2 dirt bikes. So if your adventure includes the deserts of California/Nevada or a trip from L.A. to Las Vegas, this is the rugged truck for you. 

We even allow international trips into exotic Mexico...this truck gives you all kinds of travel possibilities. 

Need towing? This mid-sized pickup has a tow package and can tow trailers up to a max. of 6,500 lbs (max. tongue weight is 650 lbs). 

Wow, that is an impressive towing capacity for a mid-sized truck! 

The Tacoma’s backbone comes from a frame that is forged from large one-piece frame rails, 8 strong cross members and a fully boxed front sub-frame. 

Toyota Tacoma pickup truck rentals

We have added this "non-Sprinter" to our fleet to serve our customers who really need to get off the trail and who may need 4-wheel drive (not available with our Mercedes Cargo Sprinter). 
Also check out our Mercedes Benz G-500 for rent. No matter what your transportation needs, Sprinter-Rentals has the exact vehicle for you. 

Note: The Toyota Tacoma is only designed for light off-road driving or gravel roads. We do not allow this vehicle to be used for true off-roading, entering or pre-running of off-road events. 
Any use in off-road events or areas designed for that are strictly prohibited and can be subject costly repairs, especially to the suspension.

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